90by30 offers ways to support child abuse prevention in April

Oregon Pacific Bank, Florence Pharmacy and Florence City Hall are just some of the local businesses proudly sporting West Lane 90by30’s pin- wheel gardens in honor of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. (Photo by Zac Burtt/Siuslaw News)

April 13, 2022 — Have you seen the blue pinwheel “gardens” planted at many locations around Florence and Mapleton? These pinwheels, sparkling in the sun and spinning in the wind, symbolize the joy of a carefree childhood, which every child deserves. Unfortunately, statistics say that one in three kids in Lane County have experienced abuse or neglect. 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time not only to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect but also to take positive action to reduce them both. This April, one impactful way to help make Lane County a safer, healthier place for kids and families is to support 90by30, a county-wide initiative “to reduce child abuse 90% by the year 2030.” 

Since 2018, the volunteer-driven West Lane 90by30 team has implemented prevention programs like Roots of Empathy, a classroom-based curriculum that teaches elementary school children empathy through interactions with an infant. Another program, Welcome Baby Bundle, offers support to every expectant family in West Lane, including a gift of baby supplies, a resource binder and educational information. 

In Fall 2022, the team will debut EmpowerME, a monthly meetup for middle-schoolers that will help youth develop key internal and external strengths and supports they need to succeed.

To fund projects like these, 90by30 kicked off the 5,000 Strong Campaign last year. This campaign brings together 5,000 individuals, businesses, faith communities, nonprofits and organizations across Lane County to help make this a place where kids are safe and families are supported. 

If you would like to help reduce child abuse in West Lane, 90by30 welcomes your participation in the 5,000 Strong Campaign. Both monthly and one-time gifts, of any amount, are valued. Consider donating $100 per year; over 12 months, that’s about $9 each month. 

Contributions can be made at friendsof90by30.org, where you can specify that you’d like your donation to be part of 5,000 Strong and go to programs in West Lane. Or you can mail a check to Friends of 90by30, P.O. Box 624, Florence, OR, 97439.

Your contribution will help ensure that 90by30’s projects continue to thrive, benefiting all kids and families in the West Lane communities. 

For more information, contact Jeanne Shannon at [email protected], or find us online at 90by30.com and on social media @90by30.