A Note To My Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

April 9, 2020 — It was just like any other year (obviously). New year. New teachers. New classes. New methods. New formulas. New textbooks. New quizzes. New — ok you get the point. All my classes were good in one way or another. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak had to emerge and ruin almost everything.

It hasn’t hit me yet, but it certainly has hit many. It has gotten to the point where we now have to practice social distancing and stay indoors for a majority of our days. Because of this, no more scho — oh wait there’s online classes. Oh well.

I am let off a little bit easier than other students because I’m a high school senior, but there is one thing that some students may miss about school. Our teachers.

One thing I’ve always done in high school is write a little thank you note on a card with some pictures relating to the class I’ve taken with my teachers. However, I’m going to do things a little different this year.

To all my teachers who taught me this year, thank you.

I know it’s a bit awkward to go public on this one, but I know I can make this work. I’ll start off with my P.E. Teacher. You have been a thoughtful teacher when it came to the class. You always invited us to participate, no matter our skill level. One of the core things you may have shown us was to have fun. Forget about the competitive nature and thoughts of having to complete exercises. Just go out there, and have fun. Go at your own pace, but not at a pace where you’re comfortable.

Next is the English teacher who taught me through WR 115, WR 121, and WR 122. Your easygoing yet paced attitude and teaching has made studying English more relaxing. The prompts have been able to give us freedoms to write because, well, we do have freedom to write whatever our thoughts are. You have even introduced me to a special song that to this day, I still think about every January.

Fourth period was my College Algebra and College Trigonometry teacher. You are probably one of the most impressive teachers I’ve ever been a student to. You seem to enjoy things in life and try to make the most of it. You’re an active teacher thanks to your role as a coach in the middle school cross country team. Your jokes can manage to make someone’s day better. Even if it isn’t a great joke, the important thing is that it has made the person’s happiness level go up. You also are very caring of the students, willing to set aside some time to help any of us if we get stuck on a problem. It was so nice to be a student of yours.

Next is my Economics and Government teacher. While I haven’t experienced what a full year is like with you, what matters was the time in your class. To me, you are what a final year teacher should be. A yearlong test to see if a student is ready to graduate. No extensions unless the student has talked to you and agreed on a certain date to turn in the assignment. Making tests a real test of knowledge and not a test of patterns. Building on the new knowledge on top of the old knowledge. Knowing every game a last-year student could play and setting them straight. And while all that is there, there is still a side of you that is enjoyable, and good to have a chat with. The projects you gave us were not made to intimidate us, but to have fun with it. I will miss you as your student.

Then there’s my AVID Advisor. Thank you thank you thank you for smiling through the entire time. Even though there were some rough patches, you always got back up and smiled because you try to make high school not as painful on the mind as it is. It’s something that a freshman teacher should have. I didn’t get to experience a full year with you, but what matters most is that I got enough of what I got. Thank you for being a teacher who smiles.

Lastly, there’s my Leadership teacher and advisor. First of all, I think you’re doing a good job as an advisor. Being in this class has allowed me to share, learn, and grow my skills as a leader. Going on to the future, I am still willing to learn how to be a better leader. Even if there are any setbacks, failures are what make us better.

And there you have it. A little ‘Thank You’ note to all the teachers from this school year, but I’m not forgetting my past teachers as well. Whether you still teach here or not, I thank you for giving your time to help me grow into the person I am. I may be out of the classroom for now, but I don’t need to be surrounded by four walls and sitting at a desk to learn. Plus, I’ve got college coming up. But college is a whole different story.

To all the teachers who taught us at Siuslaw, thank you.


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