All part of solution; Recycling not just about refund; Why I love Florence

Your Letters to the Editor for Feb. 20, 2021

We are all part of the solution to homelessness

Statements in past letters, using the language of “transients, “these people,” “catering to this minority,” are very sad to me.

What happened to the human heart that anyone would consider “these people” as separate from you and I?

I am one of the lucky ones. I am not living in a tent city or under a tarp. That gives me the opportunity to lend a hand to another who has not been so lucky. If you have been blessed with food, shelter, heat, safety and wealth, why not help the situation rather than ask the Mayor to please get “these transients” out of our sight?

Not all under a tarp want to be there. There are families, single moms with kids, as well as children out there alone, veterans and people needing medical help and none of the systems in place are working due to the pandemic.

Why would our country treat our veterans this way? Why would some religious folks turn their faces away from those in need? What happened to helping those who are hungry, cold, unclothed, unsheltered?

Then there is the issue of why the warming center opens only when temperatures drop below 32 degrees. Have you ever had to live outside in these torrential downpours and storms we have here regularly?

No one can stay warm and dry under those conditions.

We are talking about human beings, our fellow men and women, who need socks and underwear but have no way of affording them. 

What is wrong with this picture?

Not one of us has the right to look down on another who is less fortunate.  We are all God’s children.

We and the City of Florence are not in alignment with core principles of love for one another, caring for each other and lending a helping hand.

Hey, maybe we the people of Florence could help by renting a dumpster for people and a port-a-potty. Maybe if the lucky ones who have money would start investing in humanity, we really could fix this mess?

This world needs all of us; stop turning your face away.

—Lynne Ann Kogut


Recycling more than about the deposit refund

First, I want to share my sympathy with any loss of recycle reimbursement funds and the extra effort it sometimes takes to find locations to recycle.

Life just doesn’t always treat us fair. I’ve been real lucky since I’ve always viewed recycling as a small price I could pay for helping the planet not be so overloaded by the garbage we create, expecting it to absorbed without causing any damage.

I do hope people look at a multitude of policy positions when making their political decisions and not just the inconvenience and revenue loss of recycling.

Our community needs every thoughtful vote for moving forward into a clean and healthy future.

—Judy Kinsman


Why I love Florence

I recently had the fortune of listening to an interview on KXCR (one of the best community radio stations I’ve ever had the fortune to live near) with two City of Florence employees talking about all the opportunities they had made available for this community.

I was very impressed.

An hour later, I was out at a favorite eatery, drinking a beer under cover while I watched four city workers put up the local icon: the post with wooden arrows pointing in all directions marking off the mileage to every other Florence in the world.

It was during what I would call, for the coast, a soaking rain. I worked outside every day for 30 years, so I know exactly what they were going through.

I was impressed.

Which is my point: I doubt there is one of us that’s happy with politics these days, but there’s so many dedicated folks out there who do amazing things for little money and even less thanks.

To the people who serve us, who look out for us, who protect us, who deal with our sewage — please accept my humble thanks.

Florence is lucky to have you.

I love Florence, you love Florence, we all love Florence

—Edward Gunderson



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