Cases of COVID-19 detected in Siuslaw schools

Sept. 13, 2021 — This evening, Siuslaw School District alerted families and staff that students at SIuslaw Elementary and one student at Siuslaw Middle has tested positive for COVID-19. This comes on the heels of a letter sent Thursday about positive contact at Siuslaw Elementary, with family connections at SIuslaw Middle.

“As members of the school community, we understand that this might raise concerns, alongside a caring response,” said Siuslaw Superintendent Andrew Grzeskowiak. “We are working closely with Lane County Public Health (LCPH) to respond to this news and protect the health of our community. 

Any individuals that are close contacts have already been notified by the school office directly to begin isolation and monitor for symptoms, pending follow-up LCPH or primary care providers. 

Each situation calls for different protocols. In this case, the elementary and middle schools will follow the following steps: 

  1. Informing staff and families via this letter that will be posted to the website of the District, as well as a phone call to homes to those that were in contact with the individual. 
  2. A classroom cohort at the elementary school has been moved to distance learning for a period of quarantine & isolation. 
  3. In the event of additional cases that would cause further delays, staff and families will be notified through an update on the website, with an automated phone call. 

Common areas and high touch surfaces of the school building are being cleaned and sanitized through solution contact cleaning. Any other occupied areas are being disinfected with an electrostatic disinfection sprayer, in addition to the solution contact cleaning. 

The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is through wearing face coverings, physical distancing and to practice good health hygiene habits. It is due to the use of face coverings, physical distancing and other regular mitigation practices within the school that exposures leading to isolation are limited. 

“We will keep you updated with any new information as it comes out, while meeting the requirements to honor everyone's right to privacy,” Grzeskowiak said. 

More information can be found on the Oregon Department of Education’s “Ready Schools, Safe Learners” page at and the Oregon Health Authority’s COVID-19 page at