City Lights holds Q&A with Dr. Mel Gurtov on Ukraine War

March 2, 2022 — People can join Dr. Mel Gurtov, political science professor and co-author of the Pentagon Papers, this Sunday at City Lights Cinemas, 1930 Highway 101, as he shares his unique insight into the current war in Ukraine and answers questions from the audience.

“Putin’s War: A Live QA with Mel Gurtov on the Ukraine Crisis” will be held Sunday, March 6, at 4 p.m. The discussion, presented by Lane Community College Florence and City Lights Cinemas, will be free of charge.

Moderated by City Lights Cinemas Education Director Jared Anderson, the discussion will cover various aspects of the war, including the history behind Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, the consequences for the European Union, the international response from countries like the U.S. and China and how the conflict could reshape global politics.

Gurtov is a professor emeritus of political science in the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University in Oregon, and is also the senior editor of Asian Perspective, an international quarterly. He was a co-author of the renowned Pentagon Papers when he worked for the RAND Corporation, and has since written more than 25 books on global politics and East Asian Affairs.

He is also a resident of Deadwood, Ore., and has partnered with City Lights Cinemas for discussions in the past.

Tickets are free at the theater lobby, or online with a $1 processing fee. Seating is limited and early booking is highly recommended.

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