Cottage Preschool ‘reinforces compassion, kindness’ towards animals


Children make Art for the Animals at Oregon Coast Humane Society

Aug. 4, 2021 — From translucent watercolor paintings to woodcraft, salt art and eye-catching collages, The Cottage Preschool raised over $400 at its first Art for the Animals event on Saturday, July 31, in support of the Oregon Coast Humane Society. 

Students from the preschool and children throughout the community gathered in previous months and prepared to sell their artwork, which appeared “striking and impressive,” according to community members who attended the event.

 “They’ve worked so hard,” said Chalice Carkhuff, the founder and director of The Cottage Preschool. 

For Carkhuff, the mission behind the event was to “reinforce compassion and kindness towards animals,” through creativity and art, she explained. 

Ultimately, the event gave her students and children from the Florence area an opportunity to get involved and creative, all while learning about the importance of helping the community. 

Some of the artwork began at $2 and others around $8. Each art piece was carefully selected and hung on the walls, ceilings and cabinets of the preschool’s main room with a colored tag that identified the young artist’s name, age and the title of their artwork. Some titles of the artwork included, “Free,” “Oh Yeah,” “Earth,” “Snow” and “Flower.” 

The young creatives drew a sense of free spirit that filled the room, and the attendees were getting in on the feelings too.

The children who contributed their art will join Carkhuff later this week, as they deliver the check together as a group, in person, at OCHS. 

OCHS Executive Director Elizabeth Thompson said, “This community is so generous, and to see kids getting involved early shows what our future is going to look like. It’s really special.”

According to Carkhuff, the Art for the Animals event is scheduled to occur annually. 

The event brought together children, art and the community to support local animals and their care at the humane society.

OCHS welcomes volunteers and is seeking people interested in at-home fostering, according to Thompson. 

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