Florence kids are RC Nuts


Photos by Zac Burtt/Siuslaw News

BGCWLC teams up with local hobby shop

April 28, 2023 — Boys and Girls Club of Western Lane County (BGCWLC) is continuing its excellent array of youth activity programs by teaming up with new Florence hobby shop, RC Nuts, to teach kids the in’s and out’s of remote control cars.

Once a week, for six weeks, kids from BGCWLC spend an hour in the back room of RC Nuts modifying and racing RC cars. 

Each child gets a car of their own that they are able to modify and accessorize how ever they want. 

The first group of kids installed four-wheel drive in their cars.

“The car comes two-wheel drive so they’re installing differentials and axles on the center driveline,” explained Tiffany Wallace, one of the shop’s owners.

The kids enjoyed the entire process.

“I thought it was fun taking the car apart when we first got it,” said 11-year old Jesse Rainwater, a participant in the class.

Programs like this give kids a chance to get out of their regular Boys & Girls Club routine and out into their community. It also gives them a chance to find hobbies they would have maybe never considered.

“I like the creativity that I use when deciding what my car will look like,” said Zane Delisle, who is 14 years old. 

One class participant could be considered an expert, as his parents own the shop.

“My favorite thing about RC cars is testing them,” said 9-year old Ian Wallace, son of Tiffany and Cody Wallace the shop’s owners. “That way I can see if they break before people buy them and take them home.”

This is the first of three sessions of kids from BGCWLC that will participate in classes like this at RC Nuts.

For more information on BGCWLC go to bgcwlc.org/.

For all your remote control vehicle needs visit RC Nuts Hobby Shop at 398 Highway 101 or visit their website here: www.rcnutshobbyshop.com/.