FURA passes first biennial budget

Budget includes $6.4 million to help fund ReVision Florence project

The Florence Urban Renewal Agency (FURA) budget committee approved the agency’s first biennial budget for 2017-19

in the amount of $9,421,074 during

the May 31 meeting held at the Florence Events Center.

The two-year budget begins July 1 and ends June 30, 2019.

Florence City Council decided to move the city from an annual budget to a biennial budget earlier this year.

The largest single budget item was $6.4 million to complete the ReVision Florence streetscape and gateway project along Highway 101, from the Siuslaw Bridge to Ninth Street, and Highway 126, from the intersection with Highway 101 to Quince Street.

According to the budget message prepared by Florence City Manager Erin Reynolds, other budget items approved by the committee included:

• $500,000 for development assistance and to attract private sector investment.

• $315,700 to the City of Florence for city staff to perform services to assist FURA with the implementation of projects and programs.

• $225,000 for the public art program.

• $156,000 in contingency funds for projects that carry over to the next biennium.

• $70,000 for a parking study and update plan and other items outlined in the 2016 FURA Investment Strategy report.

• $55,000 contribution to the city for the Estuary Trail project.

• $44,500 earmarked for smaller projects.

The budget also set aside $1,604,590 into a debt service fund.

In addition to approving the FURA budget, the directors voted to approve levying full taxing authority for the agency.

Before the FURA budget committee meeting closed, FURA budget committee member Mayor Joe Henry said, “I just want to say thank you very much. I think we picked the right people and the staff has done a great job. The city budget has gone very smoothly, especially for our first biennial budget.”

For more information about FURA and its budget, visit ci.florence.or.us/urbanrenewal.

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