Have you had enough; Use Funding to reduce wildfire fuel load — Letters to the Editor, Sept. 4, 2019

Have you had enough?

1. Separating immigrant children from families

2. Putting asylum-seeking children and adults in cages

3. Attacking gold-star parents, Congressional representatives, previous presidents, U.S. allies, LGBTQ people, people of color, etc

4. Ignoring the Constitution, our cultural institutions and our judicial system

5. Praising murderous dictators

6. Embracing white nationalism

7. Destroying our environment

8. Appointing incompetent, corrupt cabinet secretaries

Have you had enough? Are you angry and worried about the kind of United States our children and grandchildren will inherit? 

We are.

For anyone else who has had enough,  please speak out loudly and boldly against the policies of the current president and his administration to let everyone know that they are not what makes America great.

—Ron and Judith Preisler

Use funding to reduce wildfire fuel load

I read the Siuslaw News article on wildfire funding (“New Law Changes Funding for Fighting Wildfires,” Aug. 31) with great interest.

The talk was about funding, deployment of scarce resources and making emergency funds available to fight fires rather than reducing the budget of the U.S. Forest Service.

Key to me was a sentence: “...our forests have become extremely overgrown, resulting in exceptionally high fuel loads.”

Here is my paradigm: What is wrong with harvesting trees from the forest? What is wrong with managing growth and establishing “a grid” within forested areas to contain wildfire spreads?

What is wrong with the government hiring young men and women to go into the forested areas to clean up debris which feed fires? This truly would be a “Green Corp,” (like a Peace Corp).

These young men and women would be paid to gain an appreciation for our natural resources; they would see first-hand the benefits of our great land outside of the confines of the city; they would learn and appreciate that there is more to life, having lived for a time in our great ecosystem and away from computers and cell phones.

This would be win-win for all of us. Let us put our youth to work (outside of cities) to help manage our forests, which are critical to the “greening” of our ecosystem.

—Ralph Ray



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