Lane County begins new vaccine scheduling system

Residents will be able to schedule a vaccine appointment directly

March 30, 2021 — Following an announcement from the Oregon Health Authority and effective March 30, Lane County Public Health has rolled out a new system for scheduling vaccination appointments to address the increased eligibility groups and prepare for vaccinating all who become eligible by May 1.

Now all Lane County residents who are currently eligible will be able to schedule a vaccine appointment directly by visiting

Essentially, this system removes the preregistration requirement and has removed the need to wait for an email invitation to schedule an appointment. 

However, people should note — vaccine dose supplies remain limited, so when they log onto schedule a vaccine appointment, clinics may not have time slots available. People are advised to be patient and keep checking the website if they can’t schedule a dose on their first try.

Lane County is expecting an increase in doses. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) I preregistered; do I need to register again? What will happen to the preregistration list?
  2. A) The preregistration system is no longer necessary and will no longer be used to send vaccine scheduling email invitations. There is no need for people to register again. In the past, Lane County sent invitations via email to eligible individuals who preregistered with a link to a page where they could schedule a time to get a vaccine. This new system removes the need to receive an email. Instead, anyone who is eligible can simply log into to schedule their dose.


  1. Q) What happens to the preregistration database?
  2. A) Lane County will “decommission” the list and we will no longer be sending weekly email updates. Instead, individuals wishing to receive weekly updates about the vaccine process should sign-up for the Lane County Public Health Vaccine Newsletter. 


  1. Q) How will you know of someone is eligible/ensure that only eligible people are receiving a dose? 
  2. A) When an individual clicks on the scheduling link located on the Vax Clinics website, that indivisible will first be taken to a list of the eligible groups and asked to attest that they are part of one of the groups that are currently eligible. 


  1. Q) What about people who have been eligible for awhile (seniors, 1A)? Will they lose their chance to receive a vaccine?
  2. A) The opposite is true. We will be holding back doses to insure we always have a supply for them and making a concerted effort to get those folks vaccinated. This includes doing outbound calling, doing more community-based clinics, and assisting seniors and 1A individuals in finding a dose. 


Who is eligible now?

Phase 1A, Phase 1B, Groups 1-6. We will continue our commitment to vaccinating those 65+ and in Phase 1A by reserving doses for these groups, while offering doses to newly eligible groups.

The Oregon Health Authority determines the priority and eligibility criteria for COVID19 vaccination. Lane County Public Health is currently scheduling Lane County residents: 

  • Phase 1a, all groups
  • Phase 1b, groups 1-5
  • Phase 1b, group 6. This includes adults 45 to 64 with one or more underlying health conditions; migrant and seasonal farm workers; seafood, agricultural and food processing workers; people living in low-income senior housing, senior congregate and independent living; individuals experiencing houselessness (sheltered and unsheltered); people currently displaced by wildfires; wildland firefighters; and pregnant people 16 and older.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please see the state of Oregon's Vaccine Eligibility tool at COVID19 Vaccine in Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority Vaccine Eligibility table at

Group 7 will become eligible starting Monday, April 5. This group includes:

  • Frontline workers as defined by CDC, including the U.S. Postal Service, food service workers, grocery store workers, journalists, utility workers and more
  • Multigenerational household members
  • Adults 16 to 44 with one or more underlying health conditions.

The general population will become eligible by May 1.


Data regarding Lane County testing, patient status, case ZIP codes and more is available at The State of Oregon has created a COVID-19 web page with resources at and a vaccine resource at


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