Lane County Elections introduces live streaming for ballot processing

In an effort to increase transparency and educate voters on the mail-in ballot process, Lane County Elections is introducing a livestream YouTube channel where residents can watch ballots being processed:

“We’ve created an 8-step ballot processing guide, which includes a description of each step, as well as a tentative schedule of events,” said Lane County Clerk Dena Dawson. “Voters can look at the tentative schedule of events, review the descriptions, click the link to our YouTube, and observe the entire process.” 

The mail-in ballot processing tentative schedule and 8-step ballot processing guide is available at Click the “Livestream of Election Activities” link on that webpage.

In-person observation is also available. Observers must be authorized by their political party, a non-partisan candidate, or the County Clerk. Anyone interested in observing in-person should contact their party or the Elections Office at 541-682-4234 for more information.