Linda Lee Ory

Linda Lee Ory, passed away on April 9, 2022.

ORY—On April 9, 2022, Linda Lee Ory, 81, sister, other mother, loving aunt and good friend, died unexpectedly.  

Linda was born on Oct. 30, 1940, and grew up in Inglewood, Calif. She was the second child and the first daughter born to Myron and Violet Ory. She had 10 brothers and 3 sisters that kept her busy.  

Linda was preceded in death by her father, her mother and her brother Ken. She is survived by nine brothers and three sisters — whom she loved, tolerated and was always there for; one brother-in-law, seven sisters-in-law, 26 nieces and nephews and their spouses; 22 great-nieces and nephews and their spouses; six great-grand nieces and nephews, wonderful cousins and many lifelong friends. She loved us all. 

Linda had an exciting life and traveled the world, on business and pleasure.  

After going to community college, she became a stewardess and then entered the cutting edge of the world of computers; first with IBM and then as vice president in charge of sales and marketing for different companies, where she was instrumental in the production and sell of printwheels. She traveled to many different countries promoting and/or purchasing new and innovative products and programs. 

No matter how busy Linda was, she made time for her family. When her sister became a single mom of three small children, they moved in with her and she became an "other mother." When her dad passed, her mom and teenaged sister moved in with her. When her brother and sister-in-law were starting a new business in Florence, Ore., she moved there to help get it started and stayed on for several years. At this point, half of her family had also moved there.  

She always loved designing and took a break (and her skills) back to California and then to Arizona, working in kitchen design centers, but after a while decided to come back to Florence in 2014 to retire.  

Wherever she was, it became a hub for family gatherings. Friends and family young and old knew that she was there to help, to push, to comfort, to scold, to hug. She embraced us all and was an inspiration to many of us. She was loved by so many and will be missed by all who knew her. 

Rest in Peace, lovely "Lady Linda."  

Burns’s Riverside Chapel Florence Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.