Local sports — a return to a special kind of normal

After spending my first 17 years in journalism as a sports reporter and editor here at Siuslaw News, it’s hard to describe the joy of listening to cleats in the grass as athletics programs have officially gotten underway for what will be a six-week fall sports season.

Like everyone else — from athletic directors and coaches to players and parents — we have been keeping up with the latest changes in guidelines, availability and requirements as we all feel our way through this sports journey in these unusual times.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been telling you about local sports programs thanks to our new sports reporter Zeahna Young. The hope has been to bring as many folks as possible up to speed with Siuslaw and Mapleton athletics programs.

Currently, Season Two includes football, cross country, soccer and, as of last week, volleyball for both Vikings and Sailors.

At the same time, as one might expect, schedule changes have been abundant as programs here as well across the region adjust to real- time challenges.

As always, Siuslaw News will continue to keep you updated on the latest decisions by the state, county and schools regarding athletics events.

In the meantime, you’ll notice our B section has taken the first step in returning to its traditional focus on sports — a welcome sight to see. However, we will be renaming our B section as “Sports & Leisure.” We made this decision due to the constantly evolving nature of things, which will allow us to “go with the flow” while still providing a section that is both informative and fun to read.

Our hope is that, come this September, our B section will once again return to a “Sports & Recreation” section, highlighting the accomplishments, journeys and achievements of our local athletes each week.

We’re committed to providing you with sports coverage, particularly since — at least for now — fans won’t be allowed to attend as part of the current guidelines.

For that reason, we understand the important role we play in bringing you the stories, images and coverage you need in order to keep up to date with our Vikings and Sailors. We also understand that having the opportunity to attend those games on your behalf is not only a privilege but a responsibility we have as your local newspaper.

As the sound of cleats in the grass begins, we’ll be there to bring you the stories  — and celebrate the return of something we can all agree is a special kind of “normal.”


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