Meyer & Kyle Store/Rose & Crown Apothecary - 1297 Bay Street

Then picture courtesy Siuslaw Pioneer Museum. Now picture by Jim Hays

Then & Now - A look back at the Siuslaw region’s past

May 25. 2023 — This is the next in a series, in cooperation with the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum, that will show well known (and some not so well known) landmarks and locations around the Florence and Mapleton area, as they appeared in the past along with how they appear today. We hope to increase appreciation of the “good ole’ days” and also help the reader to realize that today is tomorrow’s history.

Michael Meyer and William Kyle built a store on Bay Street in the summer of 1887 known as the Meyer and Kyle Store. It began with a small stock of general merchandise.

In 1891, the store was enlarged to accommodate their increasing trade and they extended their principal saleroom back 30 feet, doubling its size and added a 14 x 20 foot addition to their wareroom for dressmaking and millinery business.

At 6 a.m. on July 4, 1892, the Meyer and Kyle Store was rocked by a huge explosion nearby. Some over-patriotic persons set off a large quantity of powder near the center of Florence. The large plate glass windows in the front of the Meyer and Kyle Store were blown in. Show cases, clocks and china ware were damaged. The Kyle home, which at the time was next to the store where the Bridgewater Restaurant is located today, was also damaged with its doors and windows blown in. Mrs. Mason, who was sleeping in the Kyle home was thrown out of bed rendering her temporarily unconscious. Other buildings within several blocks were also damaged. These included the Morris Hotel and Cathey’s Hall. Fortunately no one was seriously injured.

In 1901, the nextdoor Kyle home was moved to a new location on Maple Street to make room for the construction of a new larger store. Meyer and Kyle built a two-story 90 x 40 foot building on the corner. At some point, an additional 90 x 20 foot addition was built where the original Meyer and Kyle Store stood. Today, we know the entire building, including the addition, as the Kyle and Son’s Building though over the last few decades each has housed a separate, independent, business. Today the addition houses Rose & Crown Apothecary.

Rose & Crown Apothecary, founded by Sarah Butte, is a woman-owned business dedicated to fostering the sacred bond between people and plants. The apothecary grows and sources medicinal plants locally, creating small-batch, garden-grown herbal products. It’s mission is to nourish, connect, and cultivate resilience through nature. Learn more at

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