Port of Siuslaw to place debris booms at marinas

Increasing debris flow in the Siuslaw River requires the port to take these protective measures.

To prepare for the winter storm season, the Port of Siuslaw will begin placing protective log booms around its marinas. In early November, booms will be placed around the East and West boat basins and the boat launch located at the end of Harbor Street in Historic Old Town Florence.
Increasing debris flow in the Siuslaw River over recent years requires the port to take these protective measures. Debris trapped in the basins can damage docks and moored vessels, as well as hinder boat launches. The log booms are placed around the marinas to reduce the amount of debris that enters the basins.
Port staff still expends many hours per week removing floating debris that enters the basins in spite of the boom logs, or from when the booms are left open.
Boaters are advised to use care when operating around the log booms, and should not attempt to move the booms during strong winds or rough water conditions.
Boaters are responsible for securely replacing the log booms after their boat enters or exits the marina or launch ramp area.
The port is investigating the purchase of new, lighter-weight and easier to handle debris booms, but until those can be acquired, boat operators should give careful consideration to the current and river conditions before attempting to move the log booms.
Chains and shackles secure the booms, but handling lines are attached to each boom for ease of opening and closing the boom. Instructions will be
posted at the docks for moving and securing the booms and port staff are available to answer questions or provide assistance.
Any questions should be directed to the Port office at 541-997-3426.

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