Residents to meet Nov. 1 to discuss sale of Siltcoos and Tahkenitch water rights, former mill site and dams

Much discussed dam on Siltcoos Lake will transfer ownership after Nov. 16 auction

Oct. 26, 2022 — There will be a public meeting in Dunes City to discuss the upcoming auction of the former Industrial Paper mill site in Gardiner along with the water rights to, and dams on, both Siltcoos and Tahkenitch Lake.

Sealed bids for the 335+ acre property, the water rights to the two lakes, the dams and the buildings on the properties surrounding the lakes are due Nov. 16. Published reserve for the entire property is $16,145,000.

There is local concern about the sale of this property, especially in regard to the dam on Siltcoos Outlet which, when opened or closed, directly effects the depth of the lake, something that effects residents’ access to drinking water and fishing opportunities both. Industrial Harbor, USA of Ridgefield, Wash. purchased the property in 2016 and has locally contracted out the opening and closing of the dams on both lakes since then.

The meeting will be held at Dunes City Hall, 82877 Spruce Street in Westlake on Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 6 p.m. The public is invited.

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