Roby's Furniture & Appliance holds annual 'Serve Day'

Jan. 24, 2018 — For the ninth year in a row, all Roby’s Furniture and Appliance/The Mattress Shoppe locations will close for one day as employees engage in community service projects. 

This year’s closure will be today, Jan. 24.

“We view public service as a very important function,” said Bob Sneddon, Florence store manager. “In past years, we’ve refreshed teachers’ lounges at local schools, worked in the Florence Food Share community garden and helped out at the Boys and Girls Club.”

This year’s Serve Day project for the local Roby’s staff will be a “refresh” of portions of the library at Siuslaw High School.

Beginning at 9 a.m., the Roby’s crew will converge on the library to repaint the “pit” computer lab in the library, along with the walls around the library entry and behind the counter.

“We will also create a new reading zone in the library,” added Sneddon.

Three overstuffed easy chairs and a pair of side tables will replace a table and four uncomfortable chairs in one corner.

In addition to the fresh paint and new furniture, some of the crew will be working in the back room at the library, clearing out obsolete and unused items that have been stored for several years.

By they time the crew is done that afternoon, students using the high school will have a space that’s brighter and more inviting, along with a comfortable reading area.

“The library was very important to me when I went to high school here at Siuslaw,” said Sneddon. “The table and chairs we will be replacing are original furniture from the fall of 1970 when the school first opened.”

In addition to the library project, The Mattress Shoppe at Roby’s furniture will deliver four twin-size youth mattresses to local families.

In November the store offered a “buy one-give one” promotion to customers and two customers donated their mattress for the project. Those were doubled by Roby’s, bringing the total up to four.

Roby’s Furniture and Appliance pays employees for their time on Serve Day, plus provides the furniture and mattresses. Paint and painting supplies are provided courtesy of Ron’s Paint and Supply. 

The value of this year’s Serve Day will exceed $4,000 in products and labor.

Roby’s is located at 1870 Highway 101 in Florence.


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