Shorewood learns ‘The Joys of Composting’

Resident & Garden Club President David Bellemore with the compost bin he built last month.

May 4, 2022 — Shorewood Senior Living and their Garden Club President David Bellemore have joined together to create an on-site community compost bin. The compost bin was built last month by Bellemore using all recycled wood pallets.

On April 22, Bellemore held an informational class to answer any questions the residents might have with regards to composting.

Composting within the Shorewood community has officially begun, and both the residents and the kitchen staff will be participating. The bin will accept food waste, small amounts of paper and cardboard, and some wooden toothpicks.

The objective that Shorewood has with this on-going project is to do their part in creating less garbage to be sent to the landfill that produces methane gas.

Also, this will help provide the Shorewood Garden club with great fertilizer for their plants, and it will bring worms for fishing. Executive Director Bethany Webb is excited to see this project grow.

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