Siuslaw cornered by Cubs in final game

The Vikings came into last Friday's state play-in game looking for a shot at redemption against a team that had narrowly defeated them in pre-season play, as well as a shot at reaching the state play-offs for the first time in nearly a decade with a win over the visiting Cubs.
   The Viks were the first to score, on a rebound from junior post Trent Reavis, but it didn't come for a full two minutes into the game. The Cubs responded quickly, scoring three times in the next 90 seconds on 3-pointer and a pair of rebounds for a 7-2 lead.
   The Vikings rallied on a freethrow from senior point guard Brogan Cornish and 3-point play by junior forward Kyle King to close the gap to within 1 point, but the Cubs swept the final two minutes with another long 3-pointer and foul shooting for a 14-6 lead.
   The Vikings nearly matched the Cubs point-for-point in the second period, posting 12 points to Newport's 13, the Viks entered the second half with a 9-point deficit after the Cubs drained a 3-pointer at the halftime buzzer.
   The third quarter belonged to the Cubs, who outscored Siuslaw 18-8 for a 45-26 lead heading into the final period.
   Though the Vikings had the advantage with freethrow attempts after Newport quickly racked up fouls, Siuslaw only went 17-of-28 from the line. That, combined with 12-of-38 from the field, kept the Vikings from finding traction against Newport which went on to win it, 58-41 . King had the team's top scoring with 14 points. Reavis had 9, junior guard Jared Brandt had 6 points, freshman Sam Myers had 5, Cornish had 3, senior Marcos Reyna-Ayala had 2, and junior Jake Hickson had 1 point.
   Off the glass, Reavis grabbed 12 boards, and Cornish, King, Brandt, Hickson and Myers each had 3 rebounds.
   Despite the loss, it was Siuslaw's most successful season in seven years. Under first-year coach Dylan Perry, the Vikings were 10-14 over all, compared to 1-21 just a year ago.
   That same night, Mazama beat Marshfield (61-48 ), North Marion buried Douglas (83-42 ), Banks stopped Stayton (60-49 ), Sutherlin beat Klamath Falls (52-43 ) and Sisters narrowly defeated Madras (46-39 ).
   Newport will advance to take on Gladstone.
   North Bend, which had a bye last week, is the only Far West team left in the play-offs .