Students receive acknowledgment, support

SHS Counselor Steve Moser welcomes guests to the 2019 Siuslaw Regional Scholarship Awards Ceremony at the Florence Events Center. (Siuslaw News file photo)

Regional scholarships go to Mapleton, Siuslaw students

June 5, 2021 — 

On May 28, the 2021 Siuslaw Regional Scholarship Awards Ceremony awarded 42 students from Mapleton and Siuslaw high schools with a total of $222,300.

“Each honored senior has plans for the future, and tonight those plans take a step closer to becoming reality,” said Siuslaw High School Counselor Steve Moser, who helped coordinate the event along with Bob Orr. “There are costs associated with these future goals and career aspirations. That sacrifice of time, energy and freedom will become well known to these students. Although the cost we hope to limit tonight is one of financial debt.”

In total, there were 153 individual scholarships presented by 33 local presenters and organizations in a virtual ceremony released that Friday night.

“I want to thank you all for taking the time to be present tonight as we gather to acknowledge the achievements of tonight's honored seniors and to support their educational and career aspirations,” Moser said.

To be eligible for the scholarships, students filled out the Siuslaw Regional Scholarship form, which automatically entered students into a database for the 153 awards. This is just the second year that the form has been available to students. Previously, high school seniors at Siuslaw and Mapleton would have to fill out multiple paper copies, write different essays and send in their resumes and transcripts to individual awards.

“This system was created to simplify and streamline the way students consolidate their information to submit to local providers,” Orr said. “It is our hope to continue the use of the regional application in the years to come.”

The regional scholarships also help the students from both western Lane County school districts apply to the maximum number of scholarships.

“Each are excellent candidates in their own right, and are just as deserving of recognition in the Siuslaw region,” Orr added.

The length of the ceremony was 77 minutes with various staff and community members naming the scholarship and the award winners during the event.

“Before we start, we do want to voice one more thank you to our scholarship providers, donors and organizations being presented here tonight,” Moser said. “As much as the world around us changes, there will always be things that remain constant. One of those consistencies is the expense of continuing education. Another continuous trend is the generosity and support generated by our local scholarship providers. Tonight wouldn't be possible without your support, and we all send our sincerest gratitude.”

Organizations were able to provide information on their scholarships and why certain students were chosen.

“To all the seniors listening, I want to be the first of many to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication,” Moser said. “Tonight, that hard work is set to pay off literally.”

The scholarship night is just one step students can take on their way to graduation.

For Mapleton High School, graduation will be at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 12 on the football field.

At Siuslaw, high school graduation will be at 7 p.m. on Friday, June 11, on the football field.

Additional graduation festivities are also planned, with a noon Graduation Parade featuring Siuslaw graduates on June 11 through Florence and Historic Old Town. People can learn more at

People can watch the whole ceremony at

“It's always an amazing experience seeing those students receive the acknowledgment and support they have earned,” Moser said.

2021 Siuslaw Regional Scholarship Awards

Ada Grange (Harley Huff Senior Memorial) – Alison Huff & Gracie Freudenthal

Amy Nicole Memorial – Alison Huff, Brea Blankenship, Brianna Tabor & Faith Anderson 

Loraine Arrn Memorial – Kya Blake, Gracie Freudenthal & Elijah Blankenship

Central Coast Board of Oregon Realtors – Trista Torres & Heather Weirichs

CROW – William Owens

Daughters of the American Revolution – Heather Wierichs & Makenna Hammerberg

Delta Gamma of ESA Andrea Wright – Dannielle Hine

Delta Gamma of ESA Tami Nivens – Liz Garcia-Galvin

Don Lee Davidson Memorial – Kya Blake & Logan Teel

Florence Elks Lodge #1858 Vocational – Kya Blake, Makayla Cobbs & Logan Teel  

Florence Garden Club – Andrea Osbon

Florence Regional Arts Alliance – Jessica South

Florence Area Community Coalition – Skyler Loomis

Independent Order of the Odd Fellows - Faith Anderson, Ellie Halpin, Skyler Loomis, Allison Huff, Emily Stevens, Jordan Simington & Brienna Jensen  

Jose De La Mora Memorial – Christian Newlan, Faith Anderson & Jessica South

Ladies of Elks – Ellie Halpin, Tyler Johnson, Mason Prociw, Brea Blankenship, Jessica South, Skyler Loomis, Andrea Osbon, Faith Anderson, Jacob Foskett & Liz Garcia-Galvan

Lions Club  (Joanne Coffindaffer Memorial) – Ellie Halpin

Kiwanis Club of Florence:

Beam – Brea Blankenship

Brackney – Jessica South

Bromley – Orion Ricks

Iholts – Emily Stevens

Vawter/Pratt – Elijah Blankenship

Vestey – Ellie Halpin

Wilson – Tyler Johnson

Mike Groshong/Wings and Wheels (Lions Club) – Logan Teel

Oregon Pacific Bank – Brea Blankenship & Emily Stevens

Oregon Pacific Bank Geraldine Bagely Memorial – Andrea Osbon

Oregon School Employees Association - Andrea Osbon, Christian Newlan, Ellie Halpin, Gracie Freudanthal, Jessica South, Jordan Simington, Joslynn Roby, Liz Garcia-Galvin, Molly McGinley & Makenna Hammerburg

PTA Florence - Andrea Osbon, Ellie Halpin, Jessica South & Molly McGinley

Rotary Club of Florence:

Founders – Molly McGinley

Author Coit Past Presidents – Max Klump

Presidents – Andrea Osbon

Mapleton Award – Orion Ricks

Sneddon Family – Jessica South

Community Service - Makayla Cobbs, Gracie Freudenthal, Ellie Halpin, Brea Blankenship & Emily Stevens

Arts/General - Tyler Johnson, Pluma Haarstad, Trinity Daugherty

Vocational/Tech – Elijah Blankenship

Most improved – Skyler Loomis

Salmon Trout Enhancement – Andrea Osbon

Siuslaw Alumni Association - Kya Blake, Brea Blankenship & Brooklyn Cahoon

Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club - Andrea Osbon, Brea Blankenship, Danielle Hine, Elijah Blankenship, Emily Stevens, Gracie Freudenthal, Jacob Foskett, Kya Blake & Skyyler Loomis

Siuslaw Valley Firefighters – Skyler Loomis 

Spomer Memorial Scholarship – Faith Anderson

Student Body Scholarship – Maya Moore & Ross Richmond  

Soroptimist International of Florence:

Chigasaki Award – Laena Jagoe

Eugene/Thora Chin - Brea Blankenship, Jordan Simington, Emily Stevens, Andrea Osbon, Molly McGinley, Brooklyn Cahoon & Hannah Rannow

Soroptimist - Briena Jensen, Danielle Hine, Lizbeth Garcia-Galvin & Makayla Cobbs

Students for a Better World - Pluma Haarstad, Jasmine Rawlins, Trinity Daugherty, Maya Moore, William Owens, Brianna Tabor, Trista Torres, Skye Huck & Mason Prociw

Vern Passenger Memorial –  Brea Blankenship

VFV Florence 3232 - Brea Blankenship, Elijah Blankenship, Jacob Foskett & Max Klump

Wayne Shields (LCC) – Danielle Hine & Tyler Johnson

Western Lane Community Foundation:

Alan & Virginia Robertson – Joseph Rogers

Art & Jean Koning – Alison Huff & Jacob Foskett

Beachcomber Community Dan Barnum Scholarship - Kya Blake, Molly McGinley & Makayla Cobbs

Cocciolo Family – Skyler Loomis

Dick & Barbara Whitmore – Andrea Osbon

Dr. Brittany Hartzell-Baguley – Max Klump

Elmer Waite Memorial – Mason Prociw

Hal & Lee Hylton – Christian Newlan

Jack & Bobbie Saubert – Brea Blankenship

Joan Orr – Elijah Blankenship & Faith Anderson

Joe & Peral Ellingson (Mapleton) – Emily Stevens & Jordan Simington

Johnston Family – Gracie Freudenthal

John Seaver – Jessica South

Judd Huntington – Brienna Jenson

Justin Black (LCC) – William Owens

Larry & Florence Englund - most impoved – Trista Torres

Larry & Florence Englund Mechanics – Logan Teel

Noel & Mary Dobyns – Ellie Halpin

Roger & Sherry McCorkle – Pluma Haarstad

Willard Myers – Tyler Johnson

Pat Knipe – Danielle Hine