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Jason Wood shows some of the safety features of his studio space, including a plastic curtain to separate students from the instructor and an air purifier.

Vocal and piano studio adds safety measures

Jan. 9, 2021 — Wood Vocal and Piano Studios has figured out the safest way to teach students virtually and in person during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instructor Jason Wood, himself a performer, switched to online instruction for the first part of 2021. However, with a little remodeling and a lot of rearranging, he now has a closed-off studio space that allows students the option to come in for instruction.

“If I was going to have students here, it was important to me that I make it as safe as possible,” Wood said.

He has made every effort to keep the studio clean and COVID-free, including checking temperatures and sanitizing hands as soon as someone walks inside. An air purifier runs constantly.

Once students are inside, Wood goes to his side of a clear hanging curtain, where his piano and computer are set up. The student remains on the other side, where they have their own podium and stool. A TV monitor allows both instructor and studio to view materials on the same screen.

Then, as each lesson ends, Wood thoroughly sanitizes all surfaces.

“My students have been absolutely phenomenal this year, including for the Winter Showcase,” he said.

Students were able to perform safely in the studio, with their songs then compiled in a video for the community to view online.

For those interested in piano or voice lessons, contact Wood at 951-252-4119 or [email protected].

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