‘To further their dreams and education’

Siuslaw’s scholarship night on May 30 honored dozens of students.

Siuslaw Scholarship Night honors graduating seniors with $244,950 in community scholarships

June 5, 2019 — On May 30, the Siuslaw community gathered to celebrate Siuslaw High School’s Class of 2019 and award 35 seniors with 137 local scholarships totaling $244,950. The event, held at the Florence Events Center with music from the SHS Jazz Band, brought together high school students, their families and the large network of service groups, businesses and organizations that administer scholarships at a local level.

SHS Principal Kerri Tatum opened the evening.

“Thank you so much for joining us tonight. Graduation is our big event at the high school, but tonight is by far our favorite. This night, more than any other, our community shows how much they support our young adults. Thank you for your generosity,” she said.

Counselor Steve Moser emceed the event, introducing each provider, the awards and the presenters.

“I want to be very clear that we want to thank our providers for being here tonight,” he said. “From the students, staff and families of Siuslaw High School — without our providers here, those organizations that generously donated scholarship dollars, we wouldn’t be here tonight. This is the first of many ‘thank yous’ for being here.”

Many of the awards, listed at the end of this article, went to students who filled out applications by the May deadline. Scholarships were then awarded by each provider based on merit, work ethic, community service, GPA, participation in the arts and more. Some even required an interview.

When Soroptimist International of Florence presenter Michelle Fraley introduced Soroptimist’s three awards, she said, “We are humbled to be able to provide these awards through your support of our various fundraisers. You in essence have helped us honor these young ladies and men with scholarships to further their dreams and their education.”

Gratitude toward Florence’s fundraising culture and pride in the Class of 2019’s accomplishments were the order for the evening. Every award, from $250 up to $20,000, mattered not only to the groups who provided the funds but to the students.

Jacquie Beveridge, who presented the Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship, said, “It’s not easy to review all those applications and choose a recipient. We always wish we could give one to every person who applies. And though our scholarship is small, we hope it will in some way make a difference.”

Following her, Bob Sneddon, incoming president of the Florence Kiwanis Club, replied, “There’s no such thing as a small scholarship. It’s not just money. Even a gift of one or two hundred bucks, that’s a book or two, and it also acknowledges that the community is behind that student.”

Awards came from local clubs, businesses, service groups, student support groups, members of the arts community and in honor of individuals who have impacted the Siuslaw region for the better.

New this year was the Don Lee Davidson Memorial Scholarship, administered through the Mapleton Lions Club on behalf of the Davidson family.

“Don Lee dedicated himself to business, industry and the people of the Siuslaw region,” said presenter Jim Grano. “Hundreds of local high school and college students found education-sustaining summer employment at Davidson Industries, and countless area residents, as many as 450 at a time, had careers at the mill or in the woods working for Davidson Industries. Don Lee Davidson will always be remembered for his ‘fierce loyalty to his employees and the community, an ever-present spirit and generosity, and a man of his word.’”

The first recipient was Josh Smith, who received $4,000 towards his future in trade school or vocational training.

Another new award this year was presented by Florence Regional Arts Alliance (FRAA) President Kristin Anderson, who said, “Our goal is to help young artists make their way into the world. Although we do not have it as a requirement that they have to be going for a specific art degree, but rather have as their goal to continue their art and use it to make the world a better place.”

Similarly, Children’s Repertory of Oregon Workshops (CROW) Musical Director Maree Beers said, “At CROW, we believe that the arts really do matter and we strive to enrich the lives of our youth through performing arts opportunities. … The arts provide valuable lifelong skills in whatever path you choose.”

Every year, some of the awards are in honor of past students and Siuslaw staff.

SHS Wrestling coach Neil Wartnik presented three $2,000 awards for the Jose De La Mora Memorial Scholarship. He said the wrestling and art student, who died the summer before his senior year, was “a spark of life and joy” who made a difference and “brought a spirit of goodwill to the school.”

The De La Mora family runs Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant and annually hosts a taco feed to fundraise for the memorial scholarship.

“Jose De La Mora means a whole lot to the Siuslaw High School community and especially the rest of the community,” Wartnik added.

Another legacy scholarship is the Amy Nicole Memorial Scholarship, which “looks at a student who embodies the spirit, determination and interest of Ms. Nicole,” Moser said.

A dozen other awards in memorium honor the Future First Citizen — announced during the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce’s Siuslaw Awards each year — community service and even membership in the 112th Rhododendron Festival Court.

“This year we had nine amazing seniors. I love them all very much and am super proud of them,” said Rhody Court Coordinator Wendy Krause, who worked with the Senior and Junior Courts from January through the Rhododendron Festival in May. “Thanks to all of you who supported them throughout the year, their parents and the entire community, we are proud to say we have $9,000 to give away tonight.”

There was even a surprise award when Oregon Pacific Bank CEO Ron Green said a client wished to anonymously honor a Siuslaw student.

“Literally, a check and a note shows up at my door one day and says this: ‘Dear Mr. Green, As OPB clients and citizens of Florence, we are inspired to see our local high school produce some extraordinarily rare seniors. In order to empower young men who want to continue their education, we have chosen a student that has already proven they are a deserving individual.”

The “bonus” $2,500 scholarship went to Robert Manns, who was previously named the SHS Citizen Leader of the Year.

Another surprise came from the Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club, which gave scholarships to all seven students who applied.

“At the end of the day, we couldn’t keep from honoring them all,” Moser said.

Moser also presented the Siuslaw Student Body Scholarship to two seniors “who had no idea they applied.”

 “Some awards you earn by filling out an application. Other awards require an essay, activities chart or resume. For the Siuslaw Student Body Scholarship, there is no application. The only way to apply to this award is to do your best, to reach higher and to do more than you thought you were capable of doing. And for each of the students awarded, this is just part of their personality. Additionally, it takes someone who has an incredible potential to continue on their good deeds beyond their time at Siuslaw,” he said. “The students selected this year have no idea they even applied for it, but for the Siuslaw staff, we want to make sure these students know how much we’ve appreciated their kindness and compassion over the years and how their hard work, respect and determination have not gone unnoticed. These students demonstrate the traits that we hope to instill in all of our graduates and we are all excited to see where they take their next steps. We know they will do it with a huge smile and an unparalleled level of joy.”

He named the SHS Student Body Scholarship recipients as Hailee Edgerly and Nic Wilkinson.

Later in the night, Siuslaw Alumni Association awarded three $3,500 scholarships, with a portion of the funds coming from donations in memory of board member Mona Meink Slocum, class of 1949, “the spark plug” of the alumni organization who was active through 2018.

“I represent an exclusive club of Siuslaw High School students,” said Allyn Wilson, class of 1969, who gave a rundown of his family history and connection to the Siuslaw region. His wife graduated in the class of 1968, his sons in 1998 and 2000, both of his parents in 1948 and his grandmother in the class of 1921. “My grandmother actually said her class made the decision between Florence Union High School and Siuslaw Union High School.”

His history goes back further yet, to a great-grandfather who homesteaded the Upper Siuslaw River at Johnston Creek.

“I have a unique responsibility. Siuslaw Alumni folks work very hard to raise this money,” Wilson said.

Proceeds for the alumni scholarships come from the All-School Reunion Banquet raffle, which takes place this year on Sept. 21. More information on the alumni association can be found at www.siuslawalumni.org.

Florence Rotary Club gave out 11 scholarships totaling $37,500.

“Florence Rotary Club is pleased to be able to invest and follow up with students over the years,” said Rotarian Andy Johnson. “It’s the real privilege of those in the club to award the recipients with money for college and also follow up with them down the road.”

He also invited recipients to attend weekly Rotary meetings at the Florence Events Center.

Western Lane Community Foundation also awarded $37,500, this time in 21 awards.

In conclusion, Moser said, “I just want to thank the providers in the room once again for all that you do. I know graduation is a great night as well, but this is one of those nights where it’s so magical. Every high school that’s going to have a graduation is maybe going to have a scholarship night, but nobody does it like this. This is so individual to us and it’s because of you out there, our audience and our providers, the community of Florence.”

He thanked the students again, as well as the counseling staff, volunteers with ASPIRE and more who helped the students complete applications and make their plans for after graduation.

As Tatum said at the beginning of the night, “The Class of 2019 has a bright future ahead of them — thanks in large part to all of you.”

Siuslaw High School’s Class of 2019 Graduation will be this Friday, June 7, at 7 p.m. at the Siuslaw High School Gym.

Siuslaw High School Class of 2019 Scholarships

Ada Grange Harley Huff Senior Memorial Scholarship ($500 each)

Recipients: Grace Hammonds, Madison Reynolds, Samantha Scheer

Amy Nicole Memorial Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Alyssa Lydick

Arnn Family Chester Allen Arrn Memorial Scholarship (1x$4,000, 2x$3,000)

Recipients: Josh Smith, Jessalynn Keppol, Riley Jennings

Arnn Family Loraine Arrn Memorial Scholarship ($2,500 each)

Recipients: Samantha Scheer, Naomi Shoji, Audrey Lowder, Angela Bartlett, Nic Wilkinson

Central Coast Board of Oregon Realtors Scholarship ($1,000 each)

Recipients: Grace Hammonds, Alyssa Lydick

CROW Scholarship ($250)

Recipient: Danielle Henry-Kimball

Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Danielle Goldblatt

Delta Gamma of ESA Scholarships – Andrea Wright and Tami Nivens ($1,000 each)

Recipients: Danielle Henry-Kimball, Robert Mans

Don Lee Davidson Memorial Scholarship ($4,000)

Recipient: Josh Smith

Elks Lodge National Foundation Scholarship ($1,000)

Recipient: Ella Stidham

Florence Regional Arts Alliance Scholarship ($500 each)

Recipients: Alyssa Lydick, Seth Morton

Florence Area Community Coalition Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Danielle Goldblatt

Future First Citizen Marteen Wick Memorial Scholarship ($2,500)

Recipient: Audrey Lowder

Garden Club of Florence Scholarship ($1,500 each each)

Recipients: Audrey Lowder, Angela Bartlett

Genevieve Bailey Memorial Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Angela Bartlett

Glenn C. Butler Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)

Recipient: Josh Smith

Haley Memorial Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Samantha Scheer

Independent Order of the Odd Fellows Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Naomi Shoji

Jose De La Mora Memorial Scholarship ($2,000 each)

Recipients: Falon Borgnino, Alyssa Lydick, Hannah Freudenthal

Ladies of Elks Scholarship (1x$6,000, 2x$2,500, 2x$2,000 )

Recipients: Angela Bartlett, Alyssa Richards, Danielle Goldblatt, Naomi Shoji, Josh Smith

Lions Club of Florence Scholarship ($500 each)

Recipients: Angela Bartlett, Hannah Freudenthal

Kiwanis Club of Florence ($5,000 total)

Beam ($1,000) – Naomi Shoji

Brackney ($1,000) – Angela Bartlett

Bromley ($1,000) – Danielle Goldblatt

Iholts ($1,000) – Audrey Lowder

Vestey ($1,000) – Grace Hammonds

Masonic Lodge of Florence #107 Scholarship ($1,000 each)

Recipients: Seth Morton, Casey Arvilla

Mike Groshong Wings and Wheels Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Josh Smith

Oregon Coast Anglers Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Zoe Leech

Oregon Pacific Bank (1x$1,000, 1x$2,500)

Recipients: Grace Hammonds, Robert Manns

OPB Geraldine Bagely Foundation Scholarship ($20,000; $5,000x4 years)

Recipient: Samantha Scheer

Police Union of Florence Scholarship ($500)

Recipients: Naomi Shoji, Josh Smith

PTA of Florence Scholarship ($500)

Recipients: Grace Hammonds, Naomi Shoji, Kira Tabor, Angela Bartlett

Rhododendron Festival Court Scholarship ($9,000 total)

Recipients: Madison Reynolds, Patrick Rowley, Marissa Wells, Falon Borgnino, Hope Garcia, Ella Stidham, Aylenne Vazquez, Heaven Job-Lewis, Tim Lowder

Ronnie Catalfamo Memorial Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Josh Smith

Rotary of Florence Scholarships ($37,500 total)

Founders ($10,000) – Naomi Shoji

Auther Coit Past Presidents ($6,000) – Audrey Lowder

Presidents ($5,000) – Angela Bartlett

Sneddon Family ($2,500) – Robert Mans

Community Service ($2,000 each) – Samantha Scheer, Hannah Freudenthal, Madison Reynolds, Grace Hammonds

Vocational Tech ($2,000) – Josh Smith, Alyssa Richards

Most improved ($2,000) – Kaylynn Cannon

Roy Donaghey Memorial Scholarship ($2,000)

Recipient: Danielle Henry-Kimball

Salmon & Trout Enhancement Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Zoe Leech

Siuslaw Alumni Association Scholarship ($3,500 each)

Recipients: Samantha Scheer, Robert Mans, Angela Bartlett

Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club Scholarship ($500)

Recipients: Naomi Shoji, Angela Bartlett, Robert Mans, Alyssa Richards, Madison Reynolds

Siuslaw Valley Firefighters Association Scholarship ($1,000)

Recipient: Samantha Scheer

Spomer Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)

Recipients: Angela Bartlett

Student Body Scholarship ($1000 each)

Recipients: Hailee Edgerly, Nic Wilkinson

Soroptimist Club of Florence ($33,000 total)

Chigasaki Award ($3,000 each) – Naomi Shoji, Angela Bartlett

Eugene/Thora Award ($5,000 each) – Samantha Scheer, Audrey Lowder, Danielle Goldblatt, Grace Hammonds, Hannah Freudenthal

Professional Tech Award ($2,000) – Josh Smith

Students For A Better World Scholarship($500 each)

Recipients: Kaylynn Cannon, Seth Morton, Casey Avilla, Doris Pu, Nic Wilkinson, Kira Tabor, Hailee Edgerly, Elizabeth Luevano, Annalee Griffis

Tony’s Garage Scholarship ($500)

Recipient: Josh Smith

Vern Passenger Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)

Recipient: Audrey Lowder

VFW Meritt Mosbey Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)

Recipients: Audrey Lowder, Samantha Scheer, Grace Hammond

VFV Post 3232 Scholarship($1,000)

Recipient: Alyssa Richards

VFW Voice of Democracy ($1,000)

Recipient: Megan Condley

Wayne H. Shields Scholarship ($1,250)

Recipient: Seth Morton

Western Lane Community Foundation Scholarships

Alan & Virginia Robertson ($1,000) – Grace Hammonds

Art & Jean Waldren Koning ($1,000) – Hayley Meier

Beachcomber Community Scholarship ($2,000x2, $1,000) – Naomi Shoji, Robert Mans, Kaylynn Cannon

Dick & Barbara Whitmore ($500) – Hannah Freudenthal

Dr. Brittany Hartzell-Baguley ($10,000, $2,500x 4 years) – Audrey Lowder

Elmer Waite Memorial ($500) – Falon Borgnino

Hal & Lee Hylton ($500) – Makenzie York

Jack & Bobbie Saubert ($8,000, $2,000x4 years) – Samantha Scheer

Joan Orr ($1,000 each) – Danielle Goldblatt, Josh Smith

Johnston Family ($500) – Seth Morton

John Seaver ($2,500) – Angela Bartlett

Judd Huntington ($1,000) – Danielle Goldblatt

Justin Black ($500) – Seth Morton

Larry & Florence Englund – most improved ($500) – Hayley Meier

Larry & Florence Englund Mechanics ($2,500) – Josh Smith

Noel & Mary Dobyns ($500) – Hannah Freudenthal

Roger & Sherry McCorkle ($500) – Madison Reynolds

Willard Myers ($500) – Josh Smith