Two chances to meet City of Florence candidates

  1.  Local candidates to ‘meet and greet’ at Coast Village

Candidates for Florence mayor and city council will gather at the Coast Village Clubhouse on Sept. 16 for a candidate meet and greet.

The event is from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Rose Room and is for Coast Village residents only.

This will provide an opportunity to share concerns and ask questions of candidates for city council, Maggie Bagon, Jo Beaudreau, Robert Carp, and Donna Cherryholmes as well as mayoral candidates Joshua Greene and Rob Ward.

Coffee and cookies will be served.


  1. City Club to hear mayoral candidates

Florence mayoral candidates, Joshua Greene and Rob Ward, will address the City Club of Florence on Thursday, Sept. 22, beginning at 1:30 p.m., in the Bromley Room of the Siuslaw Public Library. City Club meetings are open to the public and people are urged to attend. 

 Several questions on current issues will be submitted to the candidates a few days prior to the meeting, thereby providing them the opportunity to give serious consideration to their answers.  

If the public has additional questions, the questions must be written on the provided 3x5 cards. A moderator will have the sole authority to determine which questions to ask of the candidates. 

City Club is the sole sponsor of this event and is grateful to the Siuslaw Public Library for making the Bromley Room available for use by non-partisan groups. Opinions expressed during the forum belong only to the participants themselves and do not, in any manner, represent the library. 

For additional information, please call 541-999-0745.