Vaccine comes full circle; Thanks, Fred Meyer; Popular vote matters

Your Letters to the Editor for Jan. 20, 2021

Vaccine comes full circle

Since closing our shop (Wizard of Odds) in November, my wife has repeatedly “suggested” that I get my home office in order. Earlier today I came upon the Siuslaw News Dec. 2, 2000, edition. On the lower right hand corner of the front page there is a picture showing a long line of people. The caption and title for the article reads: “Florence gets a shot at limited flu vaccine.”

Who would have thunk that we would come full circle 20 years later?

Take care and be safe everyone.

—Andy Ruiz


The popular vote matters

I read recently in the Siuslaw News that the mayor and city council members voted to fill a vacant seat on the council with the last-place finisher from November’s general election.

While I am sure Ms. Wisniewski is well qualified, common sense suggests that, in a democracy, the candidates who earn the most votes should be up for consideration first — not those who finish with less.

With as much political division as there is across the political landscape at the moment, rather than canceling citizen’s votes, the city government should be doing all it can to embrace that most basic tenet of democratic politics: The popular vote matters.

There were other qualified candidates who applied for the position that finished with more votes. Under the circumstances I think it would be useful and prudent when making such decisions to act in favor of acknowledging first how the voters have spoken from the ballot box.

That is when democracy is at its best — and to me, that is what Florence deserves.

— Joe Mathews


Thanks, Fred Meyer

As the number of Covid cases in Florence rises, and the probability that the more infectious strain will be with us in the coming weeks, I am more grateful than ever for Fred Meyer’s pick-up service.

I have been using this service since March, which Fred Meyer offers for free, and I couldn’t be happier. I can create my order online, shop sales and use coupons, modify my order when I’ve forgotten something, and when I pick up my order the clerks are unfailingly polite, positive and professional.

They bring my order to my car within minutes and load my groceries in my trunk, so everything is touchless and socially distanced for me.  On the rare occasion when I need to go into the store, such as picking up prescriptions, my time inside is greatly reduced.

If you’re worried about Covid, and looking to reduce your exposure, give it a try.

Thanks, Freddy, for your assistance to the most vulnerable in our community.

—Judy Plumery



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