LOFTIS—Joyce Jane Loftis

Joyce Jane Loftis, 87, of Florence, Ore., passed away peacefully in her home on Sept. 21, 2020.... more

MOORE—Jack Orson Moore

MOORE—Jack Orson Moore, born Oct. 10, 1934 (Colfax, Wisc.), passing on July 29, 2020.... more

DALE—Mary Dale

DALE—Mary Dale, 91, formerly of Florence, Ore., passed away peacefully in her daughter’s home in Standish, Calif., on July 15, 2020.... more

BALES—Orville Bales Jr.

BALES—Orville Bales Jr. passed away on Aug. 7, 2020... more

ARMSTRONG—Thomas D. Armstrong

ARMSTRONG—Thomas D. Armstrong, 77, passed away peacefully Aug. 6, 2020... more

STROUD—John Randall “Arky” Stroud

STROUD—On Tuesday, June 16, 2020, John Randall “Arky” Stroud passed away from advanced lung cancer at the age of 80.... more

WORELY—Violet Loraine Worely

WORELY—Violet Loraine Worely passed away Oct. 31, 2019... more

MOUCHETTE—Neeta “Marie” May West Mouchett

MOUCHETTE—In Loving Memory of Neeta “Marie” May West Mouchett.... more

KELLIS—Mary Kellis

KELLIS—Mary Kellis of Florence passed away July 20, 2020.... more

CLASPILL—Lois June (Love) Claspill

CLASPILL—Lois June (Love) Claspill passed away Aug. 2, 2020.... more

SAUNDERS—Wilma (Billie) Saunders

SAUNDERS—Wilma (Billie) Saunders, 89, died on July 29, 2020... more

BECKNER—Becky Beckner

BECKNER—Becky Beckner, 91, passed away at her residence in Florence, Ore., on Monday July 20, 2020.... more

CLINTON—Jack R. Clinton Jr.

CLINTON—On Tuesday, July 28, 2020, Jack R. Clinton Jr., loving father, husband and friend passed away peacefully in his home.... more

TOMPKINS—Edith “Deedie” Tompkins

TOMPKINS—Edith “Deedie” Tompkins joined her husband, Neil Tompkins, in heaven on July 22, 2020. ... more

WARRILOW—Lydia Jane Warrilow

WARRILOW—Lydia Jane Warrilow, 97, passed away peacefully at home with family on Friday, Aug. 28, 2020.... more

ELLENBURG—Wilma Ellenburg

ELLENBURG—Wilma Ellenburg, 80, of Cottage Grove and formerly of Florence, passed away at home on Sept. 3, 2020.... more

McMICKEN—Joanne Zeller McMicken

McMICKEN—Joanne Zeller McMicken passed away peacefully at her home Sept. 1, 2020.... more

OSGOOD—Lawrence G. Osgood

OSGOOD—Lawrence G. Osgood, born March 28, 1948, passed away Aug. 23, 2020.... more

ANDERSON—John Monroe Anderson

ANDERSON—John Monroe Anderson, 75, passed away Aug. 26, 2020... more

POTTER—Grace Taylor Sullivan Potter

POTTER—Grace Taylor Sullivan Potter passed away at home in Nashoba, Okla., on Aug. 6, 2020 at the age of 89... more

NELSON—Ann L. Nelson

NELSON—Ann L. Nelson, 99, passed away peacefully in Seattle, Wash. ... more

SCHOFIELD—Mary Anne Schofield

SCHOFIELD—Mary Anne Schofield, 88, of Florence, joined her husband Paul Sr. in heaven on Sept. 14, 2020.... more

John Randall “Arky” Stroud

John Randall “Arky” Stroud... more

Thomas D. Armstrong

John Randall “Arky” Stroud... more

Lois June (Love) Claspill

Lois June (Love) Claspill... more

Edith “Deedie” Tompkins

Edith “Deedie” Tompkins... more

Jack R. Clinton Jr.

Jack R. Clinton Jr.... more

Becky Beckner

Becky Beckner... more

Wilma (Billie) Saunders

Wilma (Billie) Saunders... more

Bob L. Baker

Bob L. Baker... more

Gene Morris Audiss

Gene Morris Audiss... more

Jerry Robert Gnau

Jerry Robert Gnau... more

Dorothy “Dotti” Elaine Rogato

She passed away at home with her loved ones by her side in the early morning of Jan. 22, 2020.... more


Robert George Grimes... more