For Dr. King and the love shared by Rufus Valentine

“People need love more than I needed fettuccini Alfredo,” said Rufus Valentine, and exited the restaurant. When he kept going, I considered myself lucky. I've regretted it ever since.... more

Walking the fine line of ‘The Post’

As a journalist and a woman, Kay Graham's legacy is one I can look up to. ... more

Learn compromise; Underreported; war on working class — Letters to the Editor 1-10-18

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Payment for convenience of plastic is quickly becoming ‘past due’

While our dependence on plastic is a global issue, the solutions will need to be implemented one community at a time.... more

Huckabee’s comparison of Trump with Churchill is its own ‘Darkest Hour’

Huckabee’s comparison is factually incomplete and intellectually odious.... more

Venezuela's problems; Caring community; No more taxes — Letters to the Editor 1-3-18

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Saying goodbye to 2017, a year that showed why our community is strong

If 2017 showed us anything, it was the ways in which the fabric of our community is spun from its diversity of opinion and perspectives.... more

Open contempt for those in better shape is first step to a healthier you

I’m 51, married, with two children still at home; what do I need washboard abs for when I know perfectly well that my wife gets more turned on by me doing the laundry?... more

Thomas fire tragedy strikes home

As a firefighter, Cory Iverson was a member of a family made up of firefighter’s everywhere. But he also tragically leaves behind a family with ties to our local community.... more

Tax plan hurts poor; Feeling blessed; Respect Constitution — Letters to the Editor 12-27-17

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A different kind of Letter to Santa: A Christmas tale

We thought it appropriate to take a break from our Letters to the Editor for this edition. In their place, I’d like to share a Christmas tale based on a true-life experience...... more

Good people of Florence; Net Neutrality; Sexual harassment — Letters to the Editor 12-20-17

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The long arc of ‘Jeopardy’

There is always a need to spark the kinds of conversations that ultimately make us stronger.... more